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There are three legends about the origin of the name Zlatibor.
It is believed that it got its name after the white pine – trees with yellow conifers of old gold color, which used to cover the wavy slopes of Zlatibor.

Another legend says that Zlatibor was called after the wealth of pine tree forests, which used to be the main source of income to the settlers coming from Monte Negro and Hercegovina. They used the wood as building material, and they also used to make tar and kindling wood from it, which they were selling in Šumadija and Dalmacija, and it was “worth gold”. They used to praise it: “It’s a golden pine tree”.

The third legend says that it got its name after the mountain pastures, that become yellow – gold yellow color in autumn.

zlatibor national park

Zlatibor is a mountain of extraordinary beauty. This broad area of a gently wavy plateau is characterized by rich pastures, intersected by rivers and streams. Zlatibor landscape is an unusual experience for walk lovers and those who enjoy in the smells of mountain plants and forests rich in golden pine, fir, and spruce-tree. Numerous springs of clear and cold water are found all over the mountain. Some of them are among the best in Serbia. Zlatibor is known for its exceptional variety of flora. People of this region have been using this convenience for a very long time and they have sought medicine in various tea plants and herbal mixtures. The knowledge of healing features has been transmitted from generation to generation.

Zlatibor mountain

Free time activities

What Zlatibor is famous for and what majority of guests enjoy most are walks around Zlatibor. The most famous arranged walking path is without any doubt the one leading from the center to the Monument and it is a favorite one for most of the guests. You also can change the motorbike, your iron horse, to the real horse. There are two locations where horseback riding is possible

Horse riding on Zlatibor

Thanks to gentle slopes, grassy terrains, and appropriate air streams paragliding have become more and more popular extreme sport in recent years. Mountain peaks Čigota nd Tornik are favorite paraglide runways.


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