Zlatar mountaine and Zlatar lake

Zlatar lake GPS coordinates


All the features of Zlatar mountain are summarised by its name (the name of the mountain is related to the word ‘gold’ in Serbian): its aromatic meadows and clear lakes surrounded by spruces and birch trees, its combination of Mediterranean and mountain climates, a large number of annual sunny days, therapeutic air rich in turpentine and ozone and timeless views. That is why Zlatar lake has been declared a air spa.

Zlatar mountain, because of its unspoiled nature – its geological features, climate and plant coverage – is classed as an important region for tourism, where there is potential for the development of many types of tourism. It seems like all the stories about the treasures of Zlatar mountain is forged into its very name.

Zlatar lake

This is an area where one of the most famous Serbian cheeses borns. The Zlatar cheese. This cheese is made in a traditional way, according to a precise procedure, but without any special secrets and technology. Water and pasture are the most important, but for a cheese to be good, barns, cows, milk, kitchen utensils and the facilities in which the cheese is made must be exceptionally clean as well. The use of chemicals for maintaining hygiene is not even considered. The trick is in hand-milking the cows and putting the cheese in small wooden tubs. Plastic packaging is out of the question!

Zlatar cheese

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