Uvac kanyon and Sjenica lake

Uvac canyon GPS coordinates


Uvac canyon is Special Nature Reserve and protected natural asset of great importance. The surrounding is characterized by karst surface with numerous karst formations: karst plains, karst depressions, karst sinkholes, rock shelters, caves, and potholes. Caves are numerous and vary in size, ranging from rock shelters to Usak Cave System, the largest known cave system in Serbia (6185 м). Caves are very rich in speleothem deposited by the action of dripping water to form stalactites, stalagmites, columns, draperies, transparent needles etc. The special value of canyon parts of the river valley is curving meanders. The relative height of meander heads is 100 m at places.

Molitva GPS coordinates


“Molitva” viewpoint on Uvac canyon is one of the most spectacular places in Serbia. Just follow the signs “VIDIKOVAC”. You need to pay a permission to enter the National Reservation. It’s possible to do in Tourist Organisation in Sjenica.

Uvac canyon

Nature Reserve is distinguished by the presence of 104 bird species. Most important of all is Griffon Vulture, one of the two vulture species that are still nesting in Serbia. Griffon vultures are, at the same time, the greatest attraction in the reserve. Griffon vulture is a vulture species, of an impressive size with a wingspan of 3 m at times, which makes him a powerful flier. “Uvac” Special Nature Reserve is the only goosander nesting site in Serbia. It is also home to the largest population of this rare bird species in the Balkans.

Vautour fauve Gyps fulvus Griffon Vulture

Biggest tourist attraction of the whole region is Sjenica lake. Unique landscape with meanders of Uvac river and filled with the lake. Sjenica lake is a mecca for hikers, enthusiasts and nature lovers. A lot of caves, karst relief and, of course, Uvac canyon on the small place takes a breath to every visitor who comes and discovers this special place. On the internet forums which publish the impressions of motorcycling adventures from Golija Mountain and Pešter, motor drivers complain about the lack of asphalted highways, but these are full of compliments on the quality of macadam roads.

Sjenica lake

The center of the Pešter plateau, the place where everything starts and everything ends is Sjenica, the small town with 16000 citizens, situated in the center of one of the most expanded municipal area in Serbia. When one says “Pešter”, the first association of many people is food.The lamb from Pešter is a rare specialty hardly found elsewhere. The veal from these areas is an extraordinary delight in the tables throughout our country and Europe. When one says “Sjenica”, the first association of many people is cheese. The Sjenica cheese is one of the most famous in the whole Balkan Peninsula.

Sjenica cheese

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