Smederevo fortress

Smederevo fortress GPS coordinates


The fortress of Smederevo (XIV century) – a biggest Serbian medieval fortress on Danube river. It’s situated on a wide plateau at the confluence of the rivers Jezava and Danube. It was built with the intentions of making it the country’s capital and residence of Despot Djuradj Brankovich, to replace Belgrade which, after the death of Despot Stefan in 1427 had been returned to the Hungarians. Great effort was invested in its construction and it represents the last great achievement of Serbian military architecture.


The fortress withstood several sieges between the Ottomans and Serbs, which it survived relatively unscathed. It was not until World War II that it was heavily damaged. On June 5, 1941, the ammunition stored at the fortress exploded, blasting through the entirety of Smederevo and reaching settlements as far as 10 kilometers away. Much of the southern wall of the fortress was destroyed, the nearby railway station, packed with people, was blown away, and most of the buildings in the city were turned into debris. As of 2009, it is in the midst of extensive restoration and conservation work, despite which the fortress remains “one of the rarely preserved courts of medieval Serbian rulers.”


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