Sargan’s Eight

Shargan’s Eight train station GPS coordinates


The “Šarganska Osmica” (“Sargan’s Eight”) is a museum and tourist railway owned by the Railway Museum of Serbia. This narrow-gauge railway, with gauges of 750 mm, is unique in Europe, and its origins are related to the very beginnings of the Serbian railway traffic. For a long time, the railway represented a major traffic route that linked Belgrade with Sarajevo and Dubrovnik. Today there is about 15 km of the heritage railway running from the village of Mokra Gora to Šargan Vitasi station.

Shargan's Eight

The ride forms an ‘8’ form, and hence the name Šargan’s Eight. Between 1999 and 2003 the section over the Šargan pass was rebuilt by the Serbian Ministry of Tourism and the Yugoslav state railway JŽ, now the Serbian railways, Železnice Srbije, with great help from Emir Kusturica, a famous film director, whose hometown Drvengrad is near the Šargan Eight station on Mokra Gora. It’s a very picturesque ride, considered by many to be the best train rides in Europe.

Mokra Gora and Drvengrad

Emir Kusturica was inspired by beautiful landscapes of Shargan mountain. He filmed his movie “Life is a Miracle” here. For filming propose the station Golubici was build. The train takes a short stop there and on another stations and observation platforms.

Life is a Miracle Luka's house

From “Mokra Gora” to “Sargan Vitasi” you will pass through 22 tunnels, over five bridges, and overcome the altitude difference of 300 meters, and all that on a total distance of 15,440 meters.

Serbia Šargan's Eight

Enjoy this short video spot of riding.

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