Maglich fortress

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Exact time of the Maglich fortress (Maglič) construction is not known, but it probably existed during the Byzantine rule in this region. The castle was rebuilt in the first half of the 13th century by a member of the Nemanjic dynasty. He could be King Stefan the First-Crowned a son of of Stefan Nemanja or Uros I, his grandson. It is a castle located atop a hill about 100 m above the Ibar river making a curve around the hill. The fortress built along the important Medieval road. It was the only road that connected the Great Morava Valley and Kosovo polje. Fortress provided control over the Ibar valley.

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Maglich Fortress is the best preserved and one of the finest examples of the Serbian medieval fortifications.

From the walls and towers of the castle a marvelous view of Ibar River valley. Majestic surrounding can be seen.

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